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$NEST and Staking

Staking will be released in multiple phases. The initial phase will be a generic platform where only magpies can be staked (LIVE NOW). Expected near the end of April, a custom staking platform will be launched. The custom staking will allow for staking of "Shiny Things" with your magpie. Prior to the release of custom staking, a catalog will be released with the values for each item.
$NEST is our token which is earned from staking magpies. $NEST has no cap, but can only be created via staking. This means the amount of $NEST created each week is a maximum of 373,296 $NEST if every magpie was staked (actual number will be lower).
We will be contributing 50% of royalties to the liquidity pool to maintain a stable price for $NEST. When released on Raydium, the initial value will be roughly $0.0025 per $NEST. The value will change based on the amount in royalties in that week, as well as what utility is available.
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