What can you do with $NEST?
NEST is an SPL token designed to reward holders. The only way it can be earned is by holding. Each magpie earns 24 NEST per day when staked.
Raffle system and auction house release date is TBD. The raffle system has been contracted out and Jake will be creating the auction house. It will be roughly 2-3 weeks before both are released. Continual updates will be posted in discord as progress is made on these objectives.
$NEST Utility:
  • Exchanged for SOL(starting April 17th)
  • Raffles: purchase a ticket for chance to win...
    • Top-tier NFTs
    • A magpie from the floor
    • Whitelist for in-demand projects
  • Auctions: place a bid on...
    • Top-tier NFTs
    • Magpies
  • Purchasing future collections (Magpie Mates, Magpie Eggs, etc.)
  • Casino/betting platforms (exploring options, will provide updates)
  • P2E/PvP NFT games
  • Purchase a Nissan Cube
This list will continually expand as we adapt to the market. We will continually be coming up with new ideas and implementing working strategies from other projects.